Senior Asset Manager

Catherine Behringer has been in the property management industry for over 20 years, specializing in the Southern California, Northern California, and Denver markets. Prior to joining Tesseract Capital Group as an Asset Manager, Ms. Behringer worked with FPI Management for three years as a Portfolio Manager in the Bay Area, supporting the TCG portfolio. Prior to FPI, Ms. Behringer worked with some of the top REIT in the US, Camden Property Trust, Archstone Communities and Irvine Apartment Communities where she managed a $400M asset in Orange County, California. Ms. Behringer currently sits on the Southern Alameda County Rental Housing Advisory Board as an Executive Director and serves on three Legislative Policy Subcommittees with the California Apartment Association: Judicial and Legal Policy, Property Management Policy and Rent Control Policy. Ms. Behringer has experience with HUD, tax credits, and Section 8 housing, and with managing assets located in diverse local rent control jurisdictions throughout the Bay Area.