Accounting Manager

    Robby Thind is the Accounting Manager at TCG. He manages all the accounting functions for TCG including implementing policy and procedures for the corporate, property and fund accounting levels. Prior to joining Tesseract Capital Group, Mr. Thind was the Director of Accounting and Finance at SG Real Estate, a boutique real estate management firm, where he oversaw and led the accounting department through maximizing ROI on their accounting software package, scaling procedures to meet the needs of a growing portfolio, and automating income collection processes. Additionally, Robby was a leader in supporting the growth of the firm by creating the company’s internal KPI reporting, managing budgets, and maintaining an internship program. Mr. Thind volunteers for the Castro Cultural District to advocate and procure city funding for preserving the neighborhood’s heritage and ability to sustain its network of local businesses. Mr. Thind earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of California, San Diego.