Tesseract Capital Group (TCG) is an opportunistic commercial real estate private equity company headquartered in San Francisco, CA. Its core business focuses on the acquisition, redevelopment, and management of multifamily assets throughout California. TCG distinguishes itself through its unparalleled project execution capability, which includes a licensed and vertically integrated construction division. Since 2005, the principals of TCG have successfully completed 67 transactions and hold ownership interests in over 1,500 multifamily units nationwide. The TCG team is comprised of 21 members who come from an amalgamation of complimentary real estate backgrounds, including: construction, property management, brokerage, lending, securities, and private equity.


Like the evolution of a point to a tesseract, the principals of TCG believe that the spectrum of quality can vary tremendously among real estate investment managers. As such, the firm’s philosophy is embodied within the tesseract. In geometry, the tesseract is a 4 dimensional analog of a 3 dimensional cube-in other words, a tesseract is to a cube as a cube is to a square. This literal transition “out of the box” is a metaphor for TCG’s commitment to progressive thought and execution. More tangibly, the tesseract is a symbol of the company’s ability to conceive and execute on our proprietary business plans-the ability to imagine an investment’s potential, then engineer it. We pride ourselves in taking each investments to the next dimension.