TCG’s New HQ in San Francisco

Tesseract Capital Group (TCG) is pleased to announce the construction completion of its newly remodeled office headquarters located in San Francisco at the intersection of Market Street and 15th Street. The neighborhood is currently one of San Francisco’s most prominent locations for new construction activity including the addition of various dining and entertainment attractions.

Acquired in June of 2018, TCG’s headquarters consists of 2,266 square feet of office space along with an attached underground parking structure accommodating 18 parking spaces – a highly coveted amenity given the scarcity of parking in San Francisco. TCG’s in-house construction team completed the renovation of the office within 4 months of acquisition incorporating a contemporary open-office design with all-glass office partitions to match the modern architectural developments in the area. As one of the cornerstones of TCG’s Mission Statement, the build-out incorporated various eco-friendly components utilizing sustainable materials to improve energy efficiency. Included in this scope was the electrical retrofitting of the parking structure to allow for the installation of ChargePoint EV Chargers.